Yarn Duh of the Day

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Today starts a brand new term over at HPKCHC. Over time I’ll be adding past projects to my blog here. I just really need to inventory what I have shown already. Silly me.

There are a couple of things going on over at the tower. I am no longer running monthly challenges over there. We as a staff have decided there is so much going on that at least for the time being, we should let group projects creep up organically. It’s working so far. There is a Steam Punk along in progress. Everyone seems really excited about it.

As it happens, the History of Magic prompt is perfect for getting my steam punk inspired project into a class. I printed out the pattern today and checked how much yarn was needed. about 213 yards. Perfect! I ran to the closet, dug through the sock yarn and pulled out some lovely dusty purple – 221 yards! However, as I held the yarn in my hand and looked at the pattern, I just couldn’t believe this one skein would make the item.

Reread the pattern…. WORSTED WEIGHT.

Well shoot. I really didn’t have what I wanted in WW. But since I can’t just be running out to buy yarn, I’m making the pattern in a worsted weight acrylic I have on hand. It’s beautiful yarn, just not the texture I was going for as it does have a bit of a halo effect. But it should be lovely.

I’m going to be making these

In this yarn

I found the most amazing buttons, but I really can’t afford them right now. I also think they might be a little to large, but as far as steam punk buttons go… how perfect are these ones from Twin Rose Designs? Gear buttons? How grand.

So I am off to cast on my project. I have a lot I want to accomplish this month.