Crochet and Sparkles

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Here are two pieces I have completed recently. I am noticing my love of beads is re-emerging. It never went away, but my muse had gone in a different direction. I think it's swinging back towards beads, but not away from yarn and thread at all. So I expect to two to intermingle a bit. I am also trying to get my hands on several beading books that my heart has been set on forever. THIS one in particular, follow by this one and this one. However, on the beading, and fiber crochet front, I also have my eyes on this one. Man, I love books. Anyway.. Peeeeectures for you.

The beaded dragonfly is not part of the necklace. But I am considering putting it on a pin so it can be worn with the necklace. I haven't decided yet.


Sandi said...

I would definitely add the dragonfly!