Chainmaille Bag

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I rarely make anything just for me. So this week I decided that my project would be just that. Over a thousand rings woven together using European 4 in 1 make up this small bag. It measures approximately (closed) 2.5 inches high and 1.5 inches wide. The dangling embellishment is a modified shaggy loops with star shaped bead spacers added to it. I created a series of triangle flaps at the top to make the drawstring closure work properly. The closure is a satin cord run through a series of guide rings. A star shaped bead spacer, just too small for the cord, acts as the latch to keep it all closed up. It works fantastically well. The rings are 20g 1/8" ID rings. I am now however, out of rings. So next week's project will likely be beads. I am able to keep a full set of standard size role playing dice inside. I plan to try this design again in a slightly larger ring. It will make the bag a little larger and will also make weaving the bottom easier. This was very labor intensive. When I perfect my design with a larger ring I hope to offer them for sale. Click the images for giant versions.


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So a lot has happened and I am sorry to say that my art and this blog got sorely neglected. I also want to apologize to the wonderful wonderful people who left comments for me. I was under the impression that I would get an email alerting me when there was a comment. This never happened and I assumed no one was commenting. it wasn't until months or in the case of one of them, years later that I realized comments had been made. I do apologize and truly thank you for taking the time to comment.

I am trying to get back to making a piece a week. Things are very busy and hectic right now so I don't know that I will make it on time every week but I am going to try. I will be starting next week, so I should have a new piece posted by the 28th. Wish me luck! I am incredibly excited.