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This piece is a work in progress. What I am showing is the central beaded cab of a new necklace I am working on. Since it is a work in progress I am not going to share a lot of details because I want to wait until I am ready to show the whole piece. However, it is a large glass cab that was made for me by hand by a glass artist. The picture is terrible and I am sorry for that but my scanner simply will NOT pick up the colors and beauty of this cab. I am hoping when the piece i all finished that my best friend will let me borrow her camera so I can photograph it properly. It is embellished with size 6 and 11 seed beads, size 9 Charlottes and backed in ultra suede. it is truly lovely in person. The only thing I am the slightest bit unhappy about is that part of the green seeds (which you really cant see in the picture) that is supposed to be framing the cab, keeps 'folding' underneath the piece.